Before we started this program, Mark had less than 10 foods that he would eat. There were no (solid) fruits, veggies or meats in his diet. He refused to see, touch or try new foods. He would gag at the very least. The stress that surrounded food was overwhelming for all of us. We started coming to see Charlene and was amazed at his quick progress. We jumped in with both feet and did every technique to get him to try new foods. Within just two months some of the foods that Mark had started eating were chicken, pasta, corn, apples, and hot dogs. The stress around meal time quickly faded and meal time became more of a family gathering rather than a battle. We just got back from the beach and I can't express how awesome it was not to have to pack a bag of foods each time we went to eat. It's nice to know that he will eat off the menu. I would recommend this program to anyone that has a problem eater like my son. We are so proud of him and his progress and he really is proud of himself too! Thank you for everything you have taught us.   
Brandy May

Charlene was a godsend to my family! My daughter would not eat anything except drink her milk from a bottle and spit up and threw up her baby food and any table food. Charlene was able to work with Lucy and after 8 months of Occupational Therapy Lucy was eating over 30 foods! We are very thankful for Charlene's expertise in helping us through a tough time. Charlene was more than just an OT she was a great friend to me during our visits. I had a difficult time with Lucy since she would not eat and it was very challenging. Charlene really helped me get through that time. And now you would never know that Lucy had a feeding issue. She is just a normal toddler who will eat or at least try anything!   
Brooke Edmondson

For a while I thought we would never be able to sit down and eat as a family, but since meeting and working with Charlene our son Ryan (2 years old) has made tremendous progress.    We regularly have family dinners and it is one of the happiest parts of the day.  We have been working with Charlene for about 6  months.  Even after the first couple of sessions we could definitely see improvement with how Ryan reacts to food.  Before working with Charlene, we couldn't  even get Ryan to sit in a booster seat at the table - it was torture to him - and us.  Now, he actually pulls his chair out to tell me when he is hungry.  He loves to sit in his chair and eat, sometimes for over half an hour.  We have had tremendous success with the SOS steps to eating hiearchy.  Just knowing that there is a system for getting Ryan to accept food is incredibly helpful.  If there is something new we want to introduce we have the knowledge of how best to approach it.   And, if some food that has fallen out of favor with Ryan we can simply move up or down the hierarchy until we have success.  We had such a wonderful moment at our house a few weeks ago - Ryan ate macaroni and cheese for the first time at home.  We usually just play with it for a while but this time he ate it!  I was so excited I called Charlene to share the  moment with her... before my husband!  It is wonderful working with someone so knowledgeable and capable - she really understands what we are going through and we are so grateful to have found her.  In the past we have measured how good or bad our day was by how well or poorly Ryan ate.  I can say now that we have many more good days than bad ones and it makes all the difference in the world!   
— Rachael Wachter

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