Charlene is an amazing Feeding Therapist. She is kind and understanding while also guiding you on how to help your child. She responds quickly and has the best advice for any questions you can come up with. She will motivate you to work hard and help you adapt to new methods and techniques to help your little one--you will be surprised at how much you will learn! Our child was not eating at all and barely chewing and using a feeding tube when we started with Charlene. Now he has a very wide palate, he is no longer fully reliant on a feeding tube and eating is now fun--no longer stressful and difficult. Because of her help and support, we were able to get our son the help he needs and greatly improve his quality of life. Charlene is the best!

— Jenna K.

2 weeks each time, his reflux worsened and the vomiting only made his oral aversion worse. Flash forward 2 years, after taking Cooper to therapy at least once, sometimes twice-weekly sessions with Charlene and we are down to zero tube feeds. Not just that, but the “poor weight gain” diagnosis is also off my son’s chart. I drive 30 minutes each way to see Charlene, and would absolutely drive farther. There is absolutely no one else in the world that would have been able to get my son to where he is today. Two months ago my son was still getting 50% of his daily caloric needs through his G tube. One month ago we cut it to 25% because my son replaced the missing calories through his tube by mouth during the day. Two weeks ago we were able to cut it again to 12.5%. Yesterday our nutritionist told us to cut them completely. We have been working towards this goal for 3.5 years almost, and could not be more thankful to Charlene for getting us here. She specializes in so many areas and one of them is absolutely feeding. At one point in the past year, we thought our health insurance was going to change and we wouldn’t be able to continue sessions with Charlene, and it brought my mom and I to tears because we both KNEW and still know that NO ONE would be able to get my son off his tube feeds and able to tolerate all textures of foods like she can. Despite discontinuing tube feeds, we will continue weekly therapy so my son is capable of one day eating and swallowing all foods. I cannot recommend Charlene enough. She knows how far to push your child so that you actually see the progress you never expected to see. She is extremely knowledgeable, confident in her skills (rightfully so), and a pleasure to spend an hour or two with weekly. After two years she feels like a part of our family and celebrates my son’s achievements as much as we do.

— Carrie P.

This little man has come so far in food therapy, Charlene is truly the best occupational therapist and not only helped Levi but our entire family with food. I tagged some of my friends that know Levi’s struggle with food/texture, it literally started from him being a few months old. Before this therapy, Levi would not touch a fruit or vegetable and never consider any kind of meat, chicken, or fish. Charlene has broken so many barriers and we have seen results from the first visit. Charlene is truly invested in him and helps him with specific challenges he feels and faces. She is so in tune with his anxiety and fear and helps him overcome them. I am so grateful for this therapy. Seeing Levi actually eat pizza, hotdogs, bananas, oranges, strawberries, sweet peppers, peas, corn, chicken nuggets, fish sticks and so much more is one of the most emotional hurdles we are overcoming. I’m so proud of him he is doing so much better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for all do for us

— Kim-Ann V

After seeing Charlene her amazing techniques, games, and just being able to connect and empower Levi (my son) he has tried so many different foods. He easily eats 4 different fruits and vegetables and cheeseburgers and pizza as well as chicken nuggets and fish sticks. It has been mind-blowing to see the transformation in him and the new confidence he has. It’s just the beginning for us as we have only seen Charlene for a little over a month. I can not recommend her enough!!!! Worth every penny and more! We are all so grateful for you Charlene. Thank you!

— Kim-Ann V

Charlene is a miracle worker!! Both of my twins had major feeding issues due to being preemies and having severe reflux that went undiagnosed and untreated for many months. At 14 months old, they would regularly gag on their formula and could only tolerate thin purées. Feedings were stressful for everyone. We had tried OT and ST at another facility, but it was not a good fit. After seeing Charlene only a handful of times, both girls were accepting small bites of food and were not vomiting after feedings for the first time ever!! They continued to progress quickly and are now 2 years old and eating everything! I cannot thank Charlene enough for what she did for my girls! I never thought this day would come!!

— Melissa L.

This time last year, we were in the middle of feeding therapy with our son, Sam. This week, Sam started preschool. After his first day, his teacher left me a note telling me that Sam was the best eater in the whole class! I teared up thinking about how far he’s come - we’re so proud of our little guy! We’re constantly reminded of how grateful we are for Charlene’s expertise, dedication, and patience. She has been such a blessing in our lives!

— Cara E.

Charlene is amazing!!! When I first took my grandson Jayce to her the 2 main things he ate were chicken noodle soup and McDonald’s chicken nuggets. He had a small handful of other things he would eat but very few. Nothing that was good for him!!! No fruits, vegetables, or meats. Now he eats almost everything. He loves beans, roast, chicken & potatoes. He never ate hamburgers, spaghetti, or pizza. Now he eats them all!!! Hamburgers & spaghetti are his favorites!!!! Thank you Charlene for helping us!!!!

— Melissa O.

Charlene was so helpful to our daughter! She gave us the tools to help make eating time more fun and now Lucca is open to trying some new things. We have a long way to go but the progress feels great! Thank you Charlene for putting us on the path to success! We are grateful!

— Phil M.

Located just off the Marietta Square in Cobb Cty, our clinic offers skilled feeding therapy by an occupational therapist.


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